Jyoti Nepal in Action

Jyoti Nepal from Dhuskun – 3, Sindhupalchowk is a poultry farmer who has been in this business since 2070 B.S. She has been happily raising chickens and tells that this business has benefited her regarding income and lifestyle. Jyoti Nepal has been actively involved in poultry farming until a massive earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th 2015. Due to that earthquake she suffered a huge loss. From total number of 500 chickens, who were ready to sell in the market she was able to rescue only 125 of them.

But ambitious Jyoti Nepal didn’t panic and the earthquake could not stop her. After few months with the help of ISARD, she again continued her poultry farming by buying another 500 baby chicks. She collected some money by selling those remaining chickens and also ISARD supported her by giving NPR 60,000 (around $600). Not only she bought chickens Jyoti Nepal also reconstructed shelter for them and now the chickens have grown up and almost ready to go to the market.

ISARDJyoti Nepal in Action