Warmth for Winter

We are collecting WARM, CLEAN, WEARABLE clothes for the locals of Sindhupalchowk. This winter is going to be colder than ever for the earthquake victims there. There are no proper shelter to sheild them from the cold, and not enough clothes or beddings either. Find it in your heart (and in your closet) to donate some decent clothes for winter that are probably out of style or too small for you. We are waiting; they are waiting.

Our Collection Points:
Swotha Kiosk Shop, Swotha, Patan – Contact no.
Jatra Café and Bar, Thamel – Contact no. 4256622/ 9851047874 (Alok)
ISARD Office, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor (opposite Karobar office) Contact no. 9849860806/ pravashtha2015@gmail.com (Prabha Shrestha)

ISARDWarmth for Winter