Tashi Delek foundation

ISARD is working together with Stichting Tashi Delek Foundation Netherlands in Solukhumbu to improve agriculture skills of the farmers. In 2021, ISARD will try to replicate our successful agriculture interventions and community working modality of Sindhupalchwok projects in Solukhumbu. We will be working in Tingla Rural Municipality in four groups. 9 agriculture trainings will be provided to the agriculture students and community members. While doing so we will also help setup a local NGO and plan for a longer term project in the region.

ISARDTashi Delek foundation
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Liberating Women: One Mini-Tiller at a Time

Agriculture is the main livelihood of most families in Sindhupalchowk, despite the many challenges. The hilly region means all the farmlands are terraced, making agriculture practice difficult, and one that yields comparatively little. Plowing these terraced lands by traditional means of oxen is possible but not cost-effective and physically challenging. Not everyone in the village owns an ox and when hired they can cost to up to Rs. 1,500 per day.


A mini-tiller is a blessing to all farmers. It is portable, user-friendly, and apt for terrace farm lands. Under ACT – II NPL-161 project’s “Mini-tillers support for land tilling” activity, ISARD facilitated the distribution of three mini-tillers to three farmers group. The farmers group is responsible for the maintenance of the tiller, who uses it, and for how much. The money is saved, available for when the tiller needs its regular maintenance, fuel or when they need to buy another tiller.

Kalpana Tamang, 23 years old.

Kalpana Tamang, 23 years old.

For Kalpana Tamang, a young mother, the tiller is a means to self-dependency and empowerment. With her husband on abroad employment in Malaysia for the past 2.5 years, Tamang is solely responsible to take care of her household, her 2 year old daughter, and 6 ropanis land. Via Patle Krishak Samuha (Farmers’ Group) in Patle, Dhuskun – 5, she recently had access to using a mini-tiller.


In a country where plowing the field is considered a man’s job, Tamang would never have previously thought of literally taking things into her own hands. Usually, she would hire external help and a pair of oxen to plow the land. It would take 4 days to get the land ready, and would cost her Rs. 6,000 in total. A mini-tiller means Tamang is breaking an age old taboo in her field. And while she is empowered, she is also saving time and money. With access to a mini-tiller she can plow the field in almost half the time and in less than half the money.


ISARDLiberating Women: One Mini-Tiller at a Time
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Fodder Cultivation

ISARD kicked off distribution of fodder saplings for fodder cultivation under ICFON’s project ‘Livelihood Improvement through Agriculture Development Activites’ on 25th July. Kamal Khadka of Sunkoshi, Dhuskun – 9 was the first of primary stakeholders to receive the saplings under this program. He received 2000 Amriso fodder saplings, and plantation started shortly after.

ISARD has allocated 200 locals from Dhuskun and Ghorthali to receive fodder saplings and start cultivation. Fodder cultivation is beneficial in terms of livestock farming, given that it provides more appropriate feed option for livestock. It also controls soil erosion. As for the Amriso kind of fodder choice, the plant can also be used to make brooms, allowing farmers another employment/income opportunity.

ISARDFodder Cultivation
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Warmth for Winter

We are collecting WARM, CLEAN, WEARABLE clothes for the locals of Sindhupalchowk. This winter is going to be colder than ever for the earthquake victims there. There are no proper shelter to sheild them from the cold, and not enough clothes or beddings either. Find it in your heart (and in your closet) to donate some decent clothes for winter that are probably out of style or too small for you. We are waiting; they are waiting.

Our Collection Points:
Swotha Kiosk Shop, Swotha, Patan – Contact no.
Jatra Café and Bar, Thamel – Contact no. 4256622/ 9851047874 (Alok)
ISARD Office, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor (opposite Karobar office) Contact no. 9849860806/ (Prabha Shrestha)

ISARDWarmth for Winter
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Provision of Livestock

Nazar Bahadur Basnet of Dhuskun 2, Ainselu Kharka lost 3 goats to earthquake. Now located in a makeshift barn, the livestock needs to be increased in number. That is what Basnet wishes for.

ISARDProvision of Livestock
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Jyoti Nepal in Action

Jyoti Nepal from Dhuskun – 3, Sindhupalchowk is a poultry farmer who has been in this business since 2070 B.S. She has been happily raising chickens and tells that this business has benefited her regarding income and lifestyle. Jyoti Nepal has been actively involved in poultry farming until a massive earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th 2015. Due to that earthquake she suffered a huge loss. From total number of 500 chickens, who were ready to sell in the market she was able to rescue only 125 of them.

But ambitious Jyoti Nepal didn’t panic and the earthquake could not stop her. After few months with the help of ISARD, she again continued her poultry farming by buying another 500 baby chicks. She collected some money by selling those remaining chickens and also ISARD supported her by giving NPR 60,000 (around $600). Not only she bought chickens Jyoti Nepal also reconstructed shelter for them and now the chickens have grown up and almost ready to go to the market.

ISARDJyoti Nepal in Action
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Shelter needed for livestock

Ramkaji Thami had around 40 – 50 goats; which he started taking microcredit. But due to earthquake stall barn destroyed completely and 10 goats died. In which he had insurenced 4 goats. He is having problem for the remaining goats. Shelter for livestock should be made but he has no financial support.

ISARDShelter needed for livestock
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Restoration and Repair grinding mills

Dhuskun-3, some 80 households in DHUSKUN 3, Dabi are forced to travel 1hours to reach the next nearest mil. In order to grind grains such as maize, Millet, wheat. The recent earthquake damaged the water mil in this village. To extent that it’s inoperative and so a decision has been made to restore the damage mill.and have it up and running as soon as possible.

ISARDRestoration and Repair grinding mills
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Provision of financial grant for saving group

In the aftermath of the recent earthquake, ISARD sat for a meeting with Salleni Women’s Group at Chokati to distribute micro credit. The group of 18 members consists 7 women and 11 men. So far the group has a saving of Rs. 30,630, all of which has been as investment. The interest rate in the group is at 24%.

ISARDProvision of financial grant for saving group
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Restoration and repair of Drying kilns

Chokati.-6, Latu before 3 dayes people running up to repair Drying kilns. Which is destroyed first earthquake. They are working hopefully even earthquake here They complete 50 percent work. With used stone, iron, soil n such as raw materials. ISARD will also provided raw materials which is they needed. After 3/4 dayes this kilns will be fully manage . 40 Households are benificiries of this kilns.

ISARDRestoration and repair of Drying kilns
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